Monday, October 23, 2006

Personalized medicine and popular media coverage

Recent items about advances in establishing individualized strategies for diagnoses and interventions based on individual expression profiles etc:

- National Geographic News: "Personalized Medicine Promises Tailor-Made Diagnoses, Treatments," by Stefan Lovgren

Commenting on this study published in Nature Medicine by a group of Duke researchers, using gene chips to guide chemotherapeutic intervention against several cancer cell lines:

- BBC: "'Personalised' cancer drug test"
- Reuters Health: "Test helps guide cancer treatment, U.S. study shows

And James Hrynyshyn a blog posting about science coverage by the popular media (related (and providing some counterpoint) to items in this previous post - "In defence of science journalists."

More on science journalism by David Dobbs of Smooth Pebbles, considering the current lack of media attention directed toward avian flu - "A Hush About Bird Flu; Noise About Science Journalism"

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