Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Medicine and the popular media this week

Related to this previous post about the NPT series, "Remaking American Medicine", other popular media outlets are scrutinizing how healthcare is changing, and positive potential directions for the future of medicine in the US:

- USA Today: "In medicine, evidence can be confusing" - the challenges faced by clinicians and by patients in understanding how the evidence from clinical research should be applied to a given care decision (plus additional stories linked at the top of the USA Today page under the feature "Prescription for change: fixing American healthcare")

- Newsweek: "Fixing America's hospitals" - case studies from 10 healthcare organizations that have developed innovative strategies for reducing medical error and improving the quality of healthcare delivered to their patients (plus more stories, including an article by David Bates about EMRs and paperless medicine, via Newsweek's "Health for Life section).

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