Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New search engine: Ms.Dewey

Found this via Lifehacker - "Ms. Dewey: The saucy search-engine librarian"

Just tried a few general searches - doesn't seem suited for practical use (which I guess is pretty obvious once you get started with a search query) and it takes a long time to load but "Ms. Dewey's" on screen comments and gestures were amusing. Not sure if it's still in the testing/refinement stage - could definitely hear set noises (things falling, directions from the director, etc).

Others' commentary:
- Library Garden: "Ms. Dewey Search Engine"
- Geekologie: "Ms. Dewey is an angry search engine"
- Tech Digest: "Ms. Dewey: Search engine with a really annoying personality"
- Trend Hunter: "Human Search Engine - Ms Dewey is Better Looking Than Jeeves"

Ms. Dewey revealed to be part of a Microsoft "awareness campaign" ("Ms. Dewey Married to Microsoft" - WebProNews)
- More commentary via Library Cloud and (who comments "I think this is a pretty simplistic attempt at something ‘viral’ and so far it’s worked. But who did this, and why would they?")

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