Friday, October 20, 2006

Another new search engine: SearchMash

SearchMash is a new search interface from Google (a little bit hidden, disclosed on the Privacy page). The Features page lists the current features of the engine:

- when you click a URL in the search results, you have a few options that are similar to the links below a search result entry in the original Google (open a cached copy, more from this site, results similar to this page)
- it automatically displays a few images for each search
- no ads
- you can drag and drop results to change the order
- instead of clicking to a new page to see more results, they open in the same window, adding below the previously viewed results (can either click "more web pages" or use your space bar)

I tried a few searches and it worked fine; didn't seem dramatically different from the same results in the original Google. I kind of like seeing a few image results but some have found it irritating and an abuse of bandwidth (e.g. the DaveN post linked below).

More description and commentary:
- Information Week: "Google launches experimental search engine "
- Search Engine Guide: "Google's SearchMash"
- Search Engine Watch: "Google's new SearchMash test site"
- Inside Google: "Google running SearchMash"
- DaveN: "Google's worst ever product"
- More via Google's BlogSearch and Technorati

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