Sunday, October 15, 2006

Variety post

A few things I've found interesting lately...

- badscience: "How to read a paper - for journalists"
- Cognitive Daily: "The trouble with science journalism" and "Do bigger monitors significantly increase your productivity?"
- Inside Higher Ed: "Highlighting problems with institutional review boards"
- Nobel Intent: "Scientists on science: tentativeness" - advice for dealing with uncertainty and changing models and theories in the sciences
- Seed Magazine: "Googling for a cure" - article about Connectivity Map, a new tool from MIT for identifying candidate interventions for more effective treatment of diseases, comparing it to the relationship-mapping strategies used by and
- Critical Care: "Evidence-based medicine: classifying the evidence from clinical trials – the need to consider other dimensions" (registration required)
- Women's Health News: "Campaign for real beauty before and after" - Rachel notes that the Dove campaign provides behind-the-scenes footage detailing "the work and artifice that goes into producing images of women for promotion and mass media"
- Medical News Today: "Medicare Proposes To Improve Care Through Learning From Prescription Drug Data, USA" - potential rich new data source for understanding drug interactions, therapeutic differences among subgroups of the elderly population, etc.

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