Saturday, January 20, 2007

Another variety post: ScienceBlogs round-up

Committed to cleaning out my aggregator today - here are some interesting things from the ScienceBlogs family:

- Pharyngula explains "What is a gene?" (complete with great illustrations)

- A Blog Around the Clock gives a great introductory overview of how genotype affects phenotype

- Mike the Mad Biologist discusses a new state initiative in Massachusetts to monitor and evaluate compliance with processes to reduce hospital-acquired infections

- Martin of Aardvarchaeology brings thesis work by Isto Huvila melding information science and archaeology to our attention - the thesis is titled "The Ecology of Information Work."

-Cognitive Daily talks about reasons why doctors report that they don't enroll their patients in clinical trials

- Terra Sigillata notes that legislation that will provide for herbal adverse event reporting has passed through Congress and signed into law, to take effect in one year and to be administered by the FDA.

And, finally, because it's Saturday and this article was a very fun read, A Blog Around the Clock points out a CMAJ article that discusses the medicine of Harry Potter.

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