Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Blogging and the AMA

The newsletter of the American Medical Association, AMNews, included an article last week, "Bloggers' Grand Rounds: The evolution of medicine's netroots," that focused on medical blogging - includes brief interviews with , Nicholas Genes, the founder of the Grand Rounds collection of "the best posts in medical blogging," and several other prominent physician bloggers. The article also includes a brief section of common-sense tips for physician readers interested in blogging, including:
- Never disclose information or details that identify patients.
- Tell readers you're masking identities and consider including a disclaimer to that effect.
- Ask your hospital, practice or other employer about its policy on blogging.
- Advise readers that you are not offering medical advice. If readers ask for a diagnosis, tell them to consult their physicians.
- Don't insult another doctor or patient. Don't type anything you wouldn't say in person.
The newsletter often includes interesting brief stories about the business of medicine in the US - you can subscribe for weekly email updates or add one or more of their RSS feeds (listed here).

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