Wednesday, November 08, 2006

JMLA case studies blog

We've started a blog as a tie-in/complement to a new feature in the Journal of the Medical Library Association: the JMLA Case Studies blog.

The description from the blog's inaugural post:
These cases will provide narrative and insight from expert commentators drawn from librarianship, informatics, medicine, research, and other areas that inform the development of a given case situation. This feature will share commentary and practices for a variety of scenarios with the intent of prompting discussion of issues facing health sciences librarianship as a developing profession and the development of potential solutions.

This blog will serve as an online forum for further discussion of the scenarios and facets of the strategies for addressing these information-related challenges. The curator of the column, JMLA co-editor Rebecca Jerome, will collate prominent issues from comments/questions submitted by readers into periodic updates to the blog, with the intent of fostering discourse about techniques for addressing complex information-related issues in the health sciences.
The most recent post discusses the usefulness of Wikipedia for looking at medical concepts involved in this month's case. We'll be addressing comments posted on the cases to develop future blog entries to follow up on questions and critiques.

Related link: JMLA case study blog site feed (comments feed coming soon)


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