Saturday, July 26, 2008

One of the best library training videos ever

From Mississippi Public Broadcasting, a video series called Tomes & Talismans about the Dewey Decimal System. Sound boring? uses a sci-fi backstory -- aliens named Wipers from the Black Star Solar System have taken over the Earth,including destroying the intercontinental satellite system (which oddly looks a lot like a Jeopardy! quiz screen).

Because you know what Wipers like to do for fun?

They get down by destroying communication and data technology.

Don't worry - humans are evacuating to the White Crystal Star System (using a teleportation system that reminds me of the TV device in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and don't worry, they tested it on a cute little puppy first, then on some kids, to make sure it was safe).

A courageous librarian (in a fantastic khaki vest, I might add) is one of the last to go, making sure all the books are organized in the card catalog so that anyone returning to the planet will know what happens...

The whole series has been uploaded to YouTube.

(via Best Week Ever)


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