Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Randomized trials and allocation concealment

A great example of problems with a randomization scheme for a clinical trial - "Reliable evidence is the best medicine," Howard Brody, The Grand Rapids Press

More on allocation concealment:

- Schulz KF, Grimes DA. Allocation concealment in randomised trials: defending against deciphering. Lancet. 2002 Feb 16;359(9306):614-8.

- Schulz KF. Assessing allocation concealment and blinding in randomised controlled trials: why bother?, Evidence-Based Medicine 2000; 5:36-38

- CONSORT statement: allocation concealment example

-Forder PM, Gebski VJ, Keech AC. Allocation concealment and blinding: when ignorance is bliss. MJA 2005; 182 (2): 87-89

- Beller EM, Gebski V, Keech AC. Randomisation in clinical trials. MJA 2002 177 (10): 565-567.

and a study exploring how allocation concealment is reported in clinical trial reports: Hewitt C, Hahn S, Torgerson DJ, Watson J, Bland JM. Adequacy and reporting of allocation concealment: review of recent trials published in four general medical journals. BMJ. 2005 May 7;330(7499):1057-8.

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At 6:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Why do I mention this here? When I tell people there is this "new" movement called "evidence-based medicine,"
Becky with due respect to Dr Brody.. EBM has been 'new' for the last 20years when Gordon Guyatt penned the phrase

At 4:58 PM, Blogger Becky said...

I agree with your comment and Dr. Brody's use of quotation marks around "new" with regard to the EBM movement; it has steadily been gaining steam over the last 10 years, perhaps moreso than earlier years, and may be soon edging beyond the time that anyone can plausibly refer to it as "new."

That said, I think that it also is clear that the EBM concept is fairly new, still, to the patient's "radar" and seems to be gaining ground in consumer-level publications and the popular media, which may prolong its new status a little longer.

At 2:49 AM, Anonymous Zbys said...

In case you have not seen this:

it says positive things about The Cochrane Collaboraton, which you might
like to pass on.


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