Sunday, September 17, 2006

AbstractPlus view in PubMed

Flags and Lollipops discusses a Greasemonkey script that adds TrackBack links within PubMed, designed to work with the AbstractPlus view.

I really like the AbstractPlus view (sample citation here) -- in a recent search that included mostly case reports, I found some useful citations that otherwise would have likely taken much more "looking" to find. It also has helped me make some connections with related concepts in the literature. (More on PubMed's Related Articles algorithm and the AbstractPlus view)

Also, if you haven't seen Postgenomic yet, it's definitely worth a look - front page notes it "collects data from hundreds of science blogs and then does useful and interesting things with it." It pulls together commentary on different topics, issues, and recently published papers.

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At 10:00 AM, Anonymous Vicki said...

The AbstractPlus view in PubMed is a good layout option with one major problem. As the librarian in a small library, I use LinkOut for my users to identify our subscriptions. AbstractPlus puts the library button at the bottom of the article where it often won't be seen if the abstract is long. I'd like to see the library button at the top beside the publisher's button.

At 1:45 PM, Blogger BeckyJ said...

I agree, I would like the LinkOut icons to appear at the top too, and it seems as if this is one of the main comments about the feature, at least as reflected in results from a quick Google search.


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