Monday, August 28, 2006

Medical applications of traffic cameras

A study currently in progress at SUNY Upstate will explore how emergency department physicians can use a highway camera monitoring system to better assess what has happened to incoming patients during an automobile crash, including extent of injury and response of paramedics.

Medical News Today story: Doctors To Use Real-Time Images Of Crash Scenes To Assess Injury

"As part of a new study, SUNY Upstate Medical University physicians will use traffic surveillance cameras to view motor vehicle crashes and rescue operations on Central New York highways. The real-time view of crash scenes through a camera lens may provide emergency room physicians with information that may help them provide better care to crash victims when they arrive in the emergency room.

The study-believed to be the first of its kind in the nation-is being funded by the noted U.S. economist Alfred Kahn, who survived a car crash in 2003 and spent weeks recovering from his injuries at SUNY Upstate's teaching hospital, University Hospital. "


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